Wooden Tops Advantages: Why They're a Smart Choice for Your Home

Wooden Tops Advantages:  The wood surfaces impart a warm, and gentle feeling to any milieu. It is a living, organic sensation that cannot be matched by any man-made products.


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Wood Countertops offer an inviting and warm look, making an ideal choice for modern kitchens.


And yet, apart from aesthetics, the wood countertops come with several neat perks:

- Wood is an organic material which contains minimal amounts of chemical components and
which can be 100% recycled at the end of its useful life. The wood is a sustainable resource; we
procure our lumber from reliable sources providing forest stewardship certificate or similar
proof of sustainable forestry practice.

- The wood countertops are easy to install . With the exception of very large surfaces requiring a
sizable manpower to maneuver around or of the complex structures involving multiple waterfall
panels, installing wood countertops falls within the range of accessibility of any DIY-er and they
are just as easy to dismantle should that become necessary.

- They can be easy to fix. Dents, scratches and other accidental damages can be addressed
relatively easy; how easy the process is, depends primarily on the finish type.

- They are strong, yet gentle with the ceramic tableware and the glassware; a plate or glass
dropped on a wood surface is less likely to break

- They absorb clutter; if the clinking noise of cutlery drives you crazy, the wood countertops are
an option worth considering.

- They can be adapted or improved years down the road. Say you got bored with your old oak or
beech wood countertop or you refaced the cabinet doors and now think a reddish or a brownish
wood would fit in much better. That’s easy; your old countertop can be stained to the desired
color and then refinished, all these for a fraction of the cost of a new top.

- Each piece of wood is one of a kind; each wood surface we build for you is truly unique and irreplicable.

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