Sink inserts wood countertops

Sink inserts - A common question that comes up times and again is whether placing sinks on wood countertops will lead, in the long run, to things such as warping, cupping, black mold and rotten wood. The answer is no, such problems do not arise as long as the wood is properly sealed. This is why, for countertop sections featuring sink inserts, we strongly recommend polyurethane or
lacquer or at least the Osmo brand of hard wax, which has very good sealing properties.

Top-mount sink installed on a recessed groove
Undermount sink attached to a maple top

For tops made out of walnut, ash or other species with a curvy grain pattern or for a wood with a sharp contrast between heartwood and sapwood, the under-mount type of sink is probably the best option because the rim of the cut-out is fully visible and can offer a very beautiful view.

Stainless steel under-mount sink attached to a walnut face-grain island top

Apron sinks work very well on rustic species while top-mount and vessel sinks fit well on any type of wood.

Self-rimming bathroom sink on an oak vanity top.

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