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The wood countertops should be secured with clamps in the desired position and attached to the cabinet base using wood screws. The use of glue should be avoided unless there is no other option available like in the case on pony-wall caps; gluing the countertop to its supporting base will make it virtually impossible to dismantle, should that become necessary later on. Along the grain, depending on the countertop thickness and the wood species, you can allow up to 24” – 30” of unsupported overhang. Across the grain, any overhang exceeding 12”-14” should be provided additional support with extended gables, corbels, brackets or legs.

Red oak bar top with a 24” unsupported overhang along the grain
Walnut island top with a 12” unsupported overhang across the grain

An aluminum foil should be applied on the underside portion of countertop facing dishwasher or washing machine.

Most of our products come with a finish that requires no maintenance routine or any other special care. Wipe the surface with a clean paper towel as needed and, for stubborn stains oily stains, use soap and water, as needed. For kitchen countertops, the biggest no-no are very hot items such as, say, a cast-iron casserole you just pulled out of the oven. Wood is an organic material and so anything with a temperature of 300 Fahrenheit and over will likely leave a permanent charred mark; when handling such hot items, please use a thick hot pad. For worktops, avoid spilling harsh chemicals such as bleach or battery acid as they will likely damage the surface.

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