Joints wood countertops

joints - The type of joints employed to connect different countertop sections depends on design, cost and the dimensions of the material available. Regardless of type, the joints are all equally tight and strong.
The full miter joint connects the two joining sections at an angle and is probably the most common type of joint in L-, V- and U-shaped countertops or bar tops featuring multiple runs. Occasionally we use the full miter when dealing with long countertop runs which need to be composed of two or more individual sections resulting in one or more seams throughout the total length. Running the seam at an angle instead of perpendicularly conveys the impression of deliberately having designed the countertop in this way rather than being limited by the lack of longer lumber.
Either way, the full miter results in an eye-catching pattern regardless of the wood type employed.

Black locust edge-grain finger-jointed board featuring a full corner miter on return

The butt-joint involves one countertop run butting into another and so it connects the two through a perpendicular seam. Designs featuring plenty or right angles usually call for this type of joint. For small returns with the grain running in the same direction as the main section, the butt-joint is essentially a must.

Classic butt-joint on an L-shaped counetrtop

Likewise, because they use less material, butt-joints are a common option when a certain countertop run is too long for the material available and when it results in savings. In the long linear runs requiring one or more seams, the butt-joints work very well with planks displaying a very similar grain pattern.

Butt-joint seam in the middle of an ash face-grain surface

The European miter is essentially a compromised between the two. The joint starts like a full miter in one of the corners and then changes direction and ends as a butt-joint. It yields an interesting pattern and so it is normally used to add character.

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