Installation and maintenance Wood Countertops

The Installation and maintenance of wood countertops is crucial for ensuring their longevity and aesthetic appeal. Proper installation involves securing the countertops with clamps in the desired position and attaching them to the cabinet base using wood screws. However, it's essential to exercise caution with the use of glue, especially when considering future dismantling needs, such as in the case of pony-wall caps.

Along the grain, the allowable unsupported overhang for wood countertops varies based on thickness and wood species, ranging from 24” to 30”. Across the grain, any overhang exceeding 12”-14” requires additional support through gables, corbels, brackets, or legs. Moreover, applying aluminum foil on the underside portion of the countertop facing the dishwasher or washing machine is recommende

Red oak bar top with a 24” unsupported overhang along the grain
Walnut island top with a 12” unsupported overhang across the grain

Installation and maintenance Wood Countertops

When it comes to maintenance, many products in our collection boast finishes that require minimal upkeep. Regular cleaning involves wiping the surface with a clean paper towel, and stubborn or oily stains can be addressed with soap and water. However, it's imperative to avoid placing very hot items, such as cast-iron casseroles, directly on the wood surface, as temperatures exceeding 300 Fahrenheit may cause permanent charred marks. To safeguard against this, always use a thick hot pad when handling hot items.

For kitchen countertops, it's crucial to steer clear of spills involving harsh chemicals like bleach or battery acid, as they can potentially damage the surface. Following these "Installation and maintenance" guidelines will contribute to the lasting beauty and functionality of your wood countertops.

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